Saturday, November 13, 2010

About me

I am crazy. Once you know that you really know everything that you need to know about me, but keep reading if you want more info.

I have been married to my wonderful, cute, handsome, puts-up-with-a-lot husband Greg for 6 years. For the first 5 years of our marriage he was in the Army and we were stationed in Fort Polk, Louisiana. After 2 tours in Iraq he is now out of the Army, and in the National Guard. He works a city job now, and neither of us can complain too much because we have a lot more family time!

Now in the picture you might have noticed the goober, she is a little hard to see since she is dressed in camouflage, but I bet if you take another look you will for sure find her. Her name is Emily, and she is a hand full. She is also the sweetest, kindest, prettiest person that I know. Even though she is only 4 we can already tell that she is a leader. Other kids listen to her, and will actually do what she says (this can be both a good, and bad thing). She is the kid that everyone in the school knows, and all the teachers fear - just kidding ( I hope). I have not figured out how Greg and I ended up with such a great kid, but we did, and I feel very blessed to get to be her mommy.

We just bought a house in the North Dallas area, close to where we both grew up. We love the area! Love the schools that Emily will be going to, and love our new house!

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